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How To Know If Your SEO Firm is Helping or Not?
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I have come across many large, medium and small businesses that opted for SEO agencies just to get their website promoted and ranked higher on major search engines. But things went entirely wrong and soon they realized that their website has been penalized just because they opted for the wrong service provider who destroyed everything for them using the black hat techniques.

SEO Services Dubai

Many businesses who just stepped in to the markets spend thousands of dollars just to fly high but then realized that it was nothing else but yet another scam that got them stranded in the middle of nowhere.

I felt sorry for such businesses and decided to provide them with some useful information so that they are not scammed easily by SEO firms that are active in different parts of the world, even if itís one of the strictest of market in UAE, these agencies will find a way to scam you.

If you are among those that are operating in UAE markets then you must stay on top of all your marketing needs. Markets here are rich in resource but one at the same time may make a wrong selection because one will come across both good and bad SEO agencies. You must not get carried away while opting for the best SEO services Dubai. To see if your service provider is hurting you, you will need to look for the following signs:

  • They have too little or nothing at all to show
  • They are not keen to know about your business and target audience
  • When it comes to improvements or suggestions, they are blank
  • They are hesitant to share the techniques used by them
  • You find out that your website has been penalized
  • All your rankings drop dramatically
  • A fall in traffic flow is noticed by you
  • The SEO keywords shortlisted by them are not relevant to your business domain.
  • You notice a rise in low quality or very poor backlinks to your intended profile.
  • You may also notice link-backs that may be sending you optimized anchor text.

Signs to find out if the service provider is helping your business rightfully:

  • They are ready to provide you with deliverables
  • They offer sound suggestions for improvements
  • You observe fair improvement in your SERPs Ranking
  • The traffic may go down but you may notice an uplift in the revenues

What to do?

  • Hold your fire and be patient
  • Carry out some study on your own as well
  • Work in a close collaboration with your service provider
  • Donít panic, stop thinking about getting a guarantee or a refund, you wonít get one. There is not timeline and no guarantees because of the frequent changes that will be thrown at you by major search engines.
  • Monitor the activities of your service provider

The Final word:

You must never take the significance of search engine optimization campaigns on a lighter note. They can make or break your business and its repute. It is therefore highly critical for one to opt for SEO services Dubai agencies that are equipped with what it takes to rank your keywords higher in SERPs.

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